Southern Oregon Visual Artists

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Dawn Barnett

  • Sculptural Wall Art
  • Phone: 541.899.1327
Art is the universal communicator. Not only the Deaf are challenged to communicate exactly what we mean. The deaf sign for "I love You" is incorporated in most of my creations. Whimsical movement, vibrant colors and mystic overtones combine to create all the themes seen in my art. Far East, Asian, Egyptian, Zuni, Greek and Aztec cultural influences flow within my designs. A world traveler, I am always on the move. Please contact my cousin Shelly Staten.
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Nancy Bardos

  • Phone: 541.292.4403
  • Jacksonville
I have been toting a camera ever since I took a cross-country road trip in 1971.  Just a few years ago, however, I gave up my Big Girl camera for an iPhone and iPad....and then started to carry a sketchbook, too.  It is a thrill to play with them all in today's dazzling, digital darkroom.....possibilities abound!  I offer works printed on fine art paper as well as metal.
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Stefan Baumann

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  • Romantic Realism in Oil
  • Phone: 530.926.2230
  • Classes Every Thursday:
  • Central Art Supply Studio, Medford
Stefan Baumann, a respected artist and oil painting instructor from the Bay area, now lives in Mt. Shasta. His passionate love of nature and use of light in his artwork began in Lake Tahoe and blossomed at Stanford University. He paints, and teaches students how to paint, the beauty of the forests and rural landscapes near his home and in the Rogue Valley.
Fine Artist Sue Bennett paints a variety of subjects, including homes, buildings and other architectural subjects. Visit artist Sue Bennett's website to learn more about her and the classes she teaches and see her online gallery!

Sue Bennett

Sue Bennett is a classically trained artist who paints to express beauty. "My intent is to capture the heart of the subject and I get completely caught up in it." Her paintings have been included in over 45 exhibits around the nation. She works most frequently in transparent watercolor, however she also enjoys opaque watermedia and pastel.
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Adam Bickel

  • Phone: 541.690.6471
  • Central Point

The differences between my art and photography are night and day, like my varied interests. I’m constantly amazed by the serene beauty and magical happenings that happen in Nature. Architecture has always been an interest of mine as well. The juxtaposition of the organic with man-made is most interesting. My drawings and paintings often convey a sensual feel. I depict the beautiful nude female with a simplification of form.
Having retired from her last endeavor as owner of A French BouTEAque, a Parisian-style tearoom, Melody now paints in acrylic with a happy color palette. An artist since childhood, she's only been painting for four years. Her experiences as a decorator, graphic artist, florist, party stylist and tearoom owner are often subjects in her art. Click to visit Melody's artist page on Facebook and see her latest works and announcements!

Melody Blore

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  • Lighthearted Acrylic Paintings
  • Melody Blore Art
  • Phone: 541.840.2041
  • Artist studio at Ashland Art Center

Having retired from her last endeavor as owner of A French BouTEAque, a Parisian-style tearoom, Melody now paints in acrylic with a happy color palette. An artist since childhood, she's only been painting for four years. Her experiences as a decorator, graphic artist, florist, party stylist and tearoom owner are often subjects in her art.
Fine Artist Anne Brooke Hawkins is a an accomplished watercolorist in Jacksonville, Oregon whose paintings depict a range of subjects including homes, buildings and other architectural subjects. Click to visit Anne Brooke's website to learn more and see her online art gallery!

Anne Brooke Hawkins

  • Specializing in Watercolor
  • Brooke Watercolor
  • Phone: 541.899.3759
  • 500 W. Oak Street
  • Jacksonville, by appointment
A member of the Watercolor Society of Oregon, Anne's award winning watercolors have been displayed throughout the West Coast. She has taught drawing and watercolor for 15 years, helping to develop many prize-winning artists, and is the founder of Art Presence, Jacksonville, Oregon's nonprofit art center and gallery.
Artist Sarah F. Burns is a classical realist and plein air oil painter in Ashland, Oregon. Click to visit Sarah F. Burns' website and see her online gallery of paintings!

Sarah F. Burns

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  • Classical Realism in Oil
  • Second Floor Studios
  • Ashland

The subject matter that I am interested in is representational. I strive to be thorough and accurate and yet catch what is fleeting and lively. The work I'm most proud of shows life as I see it: fatally flawed, but amazingly beautiful.
Visit Judy Buswell's website to learn more about the artist, and browse galleries of her original watercolor paintings, giclee and lithograph prints, greeting cards, and calendar with a Judy Buswell painting every month of the year!

Judy Buswell Watercolors

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  • Jacksonville
Coming from an artistic family, Judy began painting in 1985 after a full career as a nurse practitioner. Following a modest start to her business in 1987, she sold over a million greeting cards in her third year. Her popular watercolors of flowers & gardens have found their way on to many products, with her calendars selling out quickly every year. Visit her website to view and purchase Judy's calendars, greeting card designs, giclee and lithograph prints, and original paintings.
Artist Billye Woodford is an oil painter in Rogue River, southern Oregon and Baja California, Mexico.She paints a variety of subjects, with a particular love for plein air landscapes. Click to visit Billye Woodford's website.

Billye Woodford

  • Plein Air Landscapes and More in Oil
  • Rogue River
"I feel such a wonderful sense of enjoyment and peace when I paint. I hope when viewers see my paintings they will come away with similar feelings of peace, as if they were actually there at the ocean or the mountains with me." Billye paints in southern Oregon during spring and summer, spending her winters south of the border in Baja California. Her travels provide a diverse wealth of subjects and opportunities to paint en plein air.
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Southern Oregon Artists Resource

  • Art Matters! - SOAR's blog
  • Phone: 541.899.2012  
  • Mail: PO Box 914
  • Jacksonville, OR 97530
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