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Visit The Great Metal Works by Cheryl D. Garcia website to learn more and view her online art gallery! Click here

Cheryl D. Garcia

Visit The Great Metal Works, Cheryl D. Garcia's facebook page
  • Metal Sculpture
  • The Great Metal Works
  • Phone: (541)840-6243
  • 645 E. California Street
  • in Historic Jacksonville

Metal artist Cheryl D. Garcia draws inspiration from the natural world, creating functional and fascinating sculptures for the home and garden using a variety of metals. Reclaimed steel is a favorite medium with copper, stainless steel and aluminum accents. Cheryl has made the Rogue Valley her home for 15 years.
Visit Glenn's website to learn more and see his online gallery! Click here

Glenn Hill

Glenn Hill's BlogSpot blogVisit Glenn's  Mountain Glen Harps facebook pageVisit Glenn's LaserHarps facebook page
  • Paintings on Silk; Acrylic Paintings
  • Mountain Glen Harps
  • Phone: 541.535.7700
  • 809 1st Street
  • Phoenix
Glenn Hill creates custom sculpted harps and multimedia installations including lasers, interactive lighting and silk painting. Also a visual artist, he paints in acrylic on canvas and board and paints/prints on silk. Look for his public art installation in Ashland, to be completed and on display in Summer 2011: 19 painted/printed silk banners, to be hung over a mile route in Ashland, linking the Havurah with the new Buddhist Temple.
Visit Susan's website to learn more, view her gallery and purchase online

Susan Springer

Visit Sue Springer's Facebook pageVisit Sue's Etsy store
  • Ceramic Art, Murals, Mosaics,
  • Phone: 541.488.5072
  • See my work at Illahe Studios
         & Gallery in Ashland

Working primarily in clay, I create mosaics, murals, sculpture and public art. Of particular interest is site-specific public art, which creates an opportunity to design a beautiful, permanent work for a specific location and client.
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