Southern Oregon Visual Artists - Ceramics

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Jill Cobb Ceramic and Lapidary Designs, Jacksonville, Oregon

Jill Cobb Designs

  • Ceramic and Lapidary Art
  • Phone: 541.899.8095 
  • Jacksonville, Oregon

I am a novice in the field of ceramics, primarily Raku, and lapidary art. While in college I took metalsmithing and had a minor in Art History. Now that I am retired I have the time to develop my interests in these arts fields. Please see Jill's listing in the Lifestyle Artists directory.
Dodero Studio Ceramics, Jacksonville, Oregon

Dodero Studio Ceramics

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  • Raku Pottery and Decorative Ceramics Since 1970
  • Phone: 541.899.8285 
  • Jacksonville, Oregon
Inspired by Japanese and Native American esthetics, ceramics by John Dodero are characterized by their calm elegance, clean spare lines, and timeless appeal. John specializes in raku pottery and decorative ceramics, with designs that include Urns for Ashes (pets & humans), Decor Urns, Cachepots, Volcano Pots, Volcano Seed Pots, Southwest Style Pots, Decorative Platters, and Stoneware Ikebana Platters.
Visit Susan's website to learn more, view her gallery and purchase online

Susan Springer

  • Ceramic Art, Murals, Mosaics,
  • Phone: 541.488.5072
  • See my work at Illahe Studios
         & Gallery in Ashland

Working primarily in clay, I create mosaics, murals, sculpture and public art. Of particular interest is site-specific public art, which creates an opportunity to design a beautiful, permanent work for a specific location and client.
Visit Eve Margo Withrow's website to learn more and view her online art gallery!

Eve Margo Withrow

  • Mixed Water Media on Collage &
         Clay Sculpture
  • Phone: 541.772.6888
  • My work is represented by
  • Art And Soul Gallery, Ashland
Recently, I have been moved to explore the common ground between sculpture and painting. These pieces are made of paper and paper clay in combination with images from my paintings and mounted on wrapped canvas. I expect them to evolve and morph as I continue to explore this new dimension.
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