Important Resources for Artists

Well, it's nothing new that looking for things to save time and make you money on the internet can cost more time than you save, so we're putting together a collection of resources we hope will make it easier to find what you need. In addition, we believe arts advocates are important members of the art community. They work hard to bring facts regarding the importance of the arts to our communities to the awareness of legislators and policy-makers, as well as the general public, resulting in important funding decisions favorable to the arts which translate into grants supporting community arts organizations and individual artists. We hope you'll find a funding opportunity that will help you move forward in your own art career.

We strongly encourage all members of the art community to do their shopping locally, and to send us the contact information for your favorite local suppliers of whatever you need so we can share your sources with the community. However, we do realize that sometimes you just can't find what you need locally, and sometimes a project is so absorbing that you can't take the time to go out. And...we might as well say it...sometimes you really can save money shopping online (watch those shipping expenses, though!) - so we're including online sources of art supplies and more.