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Posted 10/23/2012: Blank Canvases For Sale

One blank 48x60 "Gallery" Stretched Canvas. Brand: Art Alternatives. Still in wrapper. $65 (Retail for $164.99 each.)

Three blank 30x48 "Gallery" Stretched Canvases. Brand: Art Alternatives. Still in wrappers. $55 each or all three for $155. (Retail for $94.99 each.)

Take all 4 - will sell all for $200. Cash - no checks

Call 6462776

We recently scored a LOT of matboard and would like our area artists to know we’re making it available to them for a deep discount. The bulk of what we have is regular (not acid-free, but pH balanced neutral) 32" x 40" uncut matboard in a huge variety of colors and textures. There are also a few precut pieces which some of you may find useful. If you need matboard for a project you’re working on now, or would just like to have some on hand, here’s your chance to get it at a fraction of the wholesale price! $1 per sheet. Dick Blick art supplies sells this product for $6.65 per sheet only if you purchase 25 sheets or more. Give us a call at 899-2012 or for more details.

UPDATE 1.23.11: Though many artists have taken advantage of this mattboard, there is still a LOT left! Some artists are using it for framing, others in their studios to paint on or to use in their printmaking processes. Get a deal on your 2011 studio supplies by stocking up now!

UPDATE 9.4.12: More artists have taken advantage of this deal on matboard, and there's still a great selection to choose from! Most of the black and white have been taken, but there is a wide range of colors from muted to bright, with a variety of textures and thicknesses available. Further research on the serial numbers shows that offers these from a low of $4.92/sheet to a high of 9.95/sheet - if you purchase at least 25 sheets at a time. We have someone who has indicated he will take everything that's left...soon...but not just yet! So come to the corner of 5th and C Streets next weekend during the Community Garage Sale and pick up what you need before it's gone - we need to clear the space for other things.