Grants Pass/Cave Junction

After a substantial period of research and fact-finding, the arts community in Grants Pass developed a 10-year plan and formed a non-profit organization called Art Works in conjunction with Rogue Community College. Art Works coordinates and sponsors many events designed to cultivate and promote the arts by connecting students, working artists, individuals and businesses throughout the community. Implemented in 2004, Art Works has given Grants Pass a major jump start, the driving force which has made it a regional powerhouse of the arts. The community and its visitors alike benefit greatly from the program.

Grants Pass has many Native American artists in its community, which adds to the variety and cultural richness of its own artistic offerings. Those who are not familiar with the ins and outs of purchasing authentic American indigenous art will benefit from reading the Indian Arts & Crafts Act of 1990.

Rogue Hellgate Jetboat Excursions

966 Southwest 6th Street Grants Pass, OR 97526 1-800-648-4874
Discover Hellgate and a lot more as you splash your way through some of the Rogue’s better white water rapids. See why your boat has shallow draft, loads of power, and no propeller! Pushed by the hydro-jet drives water spray, you’ll jet over just inches of water, to the very edge of the Rogue’s restricted section.